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Posted by BmanNG - March 15th, 2021

So the Jam is done!

Huge thank you to everyone who checked out my submission and showed support on here, Twitter and YouTube, I genuinely appreciate it all! Here it is if you haven't seen it yet:

FunkinJam Thoughts:

Seeing Newgrounds get super popular again was already great enough, but also seeing this event happen was a whole other level. Amazing work to everyone who came along to make these awesome submissions, they were all incredible! Honestly kind of feel bad for the judges considering how many amazing ones there were, so good luck with that! I also wanna personally thank the Newgrounds and FNF Team for setting this event up as well as extending it to the 14th, that was a life saver.

As for my submission, I knew exactly what I wanted to make from the start... kind of. Ever since FNF came out I immediately got Scott Pilgrim vibes from it, so when the Jam was announced, I knew immediately what "theme" I wanted to do. At first I tried making it more similar to the movie than the game by creating a script and making it sort of play out like the scene's from the film, but as soon as I started to try and voice act for it, that all crumbled. So I took a few days to think of what I wanted to do and finally concluded on remaking the game's opening. Unfortunately it was getting close to the Jam's deadline so I had to scrap some animated bits I wanted to do as well as forget doing any polishing to previous scenes. It was getting pretty bad the last few days as I was running out of time extremely fast, but it thankfully came together in the end, and even better than I thought it would considering the time crunch I went through.

What's Next For Me:

Not to spoil anything but I have a bunch of stuff planned for the future! Both Newgrounds and YouTube stuff will be posted throughout 2021 so if you enjoyed that first little animation, get ready for some way bigger and cooler things!!! Currently I'm still in the process of finishing up commissions for cool people (which you can commission me on Twitter btw) so nothing's gonna be out until after April. Anyways, thanks for reading, and have a great day.